I like to write, but I’ve become so busy I cannot find the time to write anything substantial.  What is a boy to do?

I created Operation: Write as an attempt to motivate myself to write a lot and often.  Yes, I already have about a bazillion other ways of expressing myself on the internet, but why not one more?  Am I right or am I right?

What can you expect from reading this blog?  Mostly whatever pops into my head.  Short works of fiction, random thoughts, angry rants, stuff like that.  If you are looking for well thought out works of literature, you’ll most likely be saddened by what you find.  Anything that looks well polished will be due to luck and not diligence on my part.  This blog is my excuse to write, but not necessarily to write well.

Anyways, that’s “about” it.  Did… did you see what I just did there?  Oh yeah, I went there.

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