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What am I doing?

Yes, this is what I come back from a hiatus for.  This… sigh.

Sometimes, I just sit here and ask myself, what the fuck am I doing?  I mean seriously, what the fuck?

Like, what the fuck is this?  I mean, fuck.  Why do I have to deal with this fucking fuck?  Or what the fuck?  Who the fuck cares?

And the fuck about this?  I don’t fucking need to deal with this.  Seriously.  Fuck.  I’m like, fucking fine, then fuck!  Out of nowhere.  What the fuck?

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s all this other fucking stuff.  Fuck this and fuck that.  Mother of fuck!

And now I have to decide fuck this or fuck that or whatever the fuck needs to fuck fuck?  Fuck!

Seriously folks, what the fuck am I doing?  Fuck?

So much ado about nothing

Alright, folks.  I do my best to avoid rants as much as possible, but much like forgetting your keys or having someone mysteriously ruffle through your new car, they are bound to happen.

What makes a class good?  That is a hard question.  What makes a class bad?  That is a bit easier.  For one reason or another it is much more natural to pick out the bad traits of something than it is to point out the good.

During class today I came to a realization; I had been sitting there for almost two hours and I hadn’t learned a thing.  It wasn’t that I was being a slacker and spacing out, it was that nothing was actually being taught.  Instead, the class was simply a description of elementary concepts.

I have noticed this problem occurs frequently, in which instructors are trying to reach a deeper level of a certain act (say, communication) but end up saying nothing at all.  While not always the instructors fault (this may be how the literature in a field works), it certainly does not benefit the student.

There is too much ‘what’ and not enough ‘so what.’  The only thing I liked about one of my least favorite instructors was that she always asked ‘so what?’  Too many instructors only tell you what something is and not why it is important.  Most students can figure out the ‘what’ by themselves.  They might not know the technical terms attached to the ideas, but the ideas themselves are simple.

A flow chart showing how people communicate is pointless unless you ask why or take the next step and ask ‘so what?’  Yes, terms are being applied to concepts.  Yes, there is a model of how people communicate.  Yes, this is all obvious to anyone who has ever spoken to another human being.

I’m trying not to go full on rant, but let me just say that I don’t like to pay someone to tell me that communication goes down, up, and horizontal.  I don’t need examples of how a boss can tell their employee something, the employee their boss, and employees each other.  I don’t need to be told that this information can vary depending on the direction.  Again, anyone who has had a job is aware that the relationships, and thus communicative characteristics, can be quite different between different hierarchical levels.  It is common sense.

I understand the need to restate basic assumptions before delving into argument or theory, but too often that never happens.  Instead we are just left with a bare bones instruction that was in no way beneficial.  And frankly, I get tired of literally paying for it.

In which I rant about an annoying person

You are not having a personal conversation with the professor.  You are, in fact, in a lecture hall with 70 other people.  No one, including the professor, wants to hear your personal quips after everything he says.  Quit saying, “Oh, uh huh, yeah!” after every single sentence.  Stop trying to make jokes right in the middle of a sentence because something that you think is funny just popped into your head.  Your comments are not insightful and your jokes are not funny, so shut up.

And furthermore, when you raise your hand, which is way too often, just ask a question already.  We don’t need a fifteen minute introduction leading up to the eventual already-answered and completely obvious question you are about to ask.  The age of your father in no way relates to a day you are asking about taking off on a trip you have yet to be accepted for.  And make sure you actually ask a question.  When you are recounting your history before the class, I notice you often forget to actually end with a question.  Now, I can only assume you go so wrapped up in derailing the class that your important question slipped your mind, because if you never had a question, well, that would be pure insanity.

When you talk, everyone rolls their eyes.  You are truly an embarrassment.  It saddens me to think that someone considered your application on par with mine for this program.  I have yet to see you contribute anything of value to this program beyond me questioning my participation in it.  You are why I no longer want to be in school.  You, who think that your opinions are worthy of everyone’s attention.  You, who in your decades of existence never learned the value of just listening.  You.  Are.  Truly.  Annoying.

But who am I to talk?

Take Responsibility

It was just one of those days where one annoyance triggers a string of events that ruins your entire day (I was probably more susceptible after last night’s Vikings performance).  The annoyance that set me off was when a certain person (who will remain unnamed) refused to take responsibility for their actions and, in turn, made my life suck.

Begin rant.

You messed up and ruined my day.  You fail to comprehend basic instructions.  You relay your own version of what you think would be a pleasant interpretation of instructions to me.  I, knowingly but without any other options, follow said instructions.  I get screwed.

Furthermore, I inform you of my being screwed.  You get upset at the person who informed you of the instructions you did not comprehend.  You send them a message about my problem.  You get a message back detailing how you did not understand the instructions, yet you continue to get more angry at them.  You make me correct the problem while I also run another errand for you.

Take responsibility for your actions.  Everyday it becomes more and more clear that you are a useless middleman that only hinders my progress.  I deal with others through you because I have no other option.  You do not help, but only obstruct my work.  Instructions from Person A go through your crazy filter and come to me bungled and confused.  If I have questions, they go back through the crazy filter, become more jumbled, and end up at Person A again.  This continues until I am able to make direct contact with Person A.  At this point, Person A is frustrated and assume I am an idiot.

This is why I often make judgment calls where ever possible.  I have lost all confidence I may have had in your intelligence.  I would rather guess and get it wrong than deal with you.

What bugs me most is that you don’t even realize it.  You, first and foremost, assume others are in the wrong.  It does not enter into your thought process that you could have possibly made a mistake, when I am positive that you have.  And I know that there is no reasoning with you, because I have tried and failed many times over.  You are so set in your ways that no one will directly challenge you because it cannot be done.  You cannot reason with the reasonless.

End rant.

Getting Angry at the Vikings

It is amazing how much my mood is affected by the Minnesota Vikings.  It is really quite ridiculous.  I shouldn’t feel this upset because my football team lost.  Seriously.  I was literally raging.  I had to control myself from physically punching and kicking objects around me.  I had to hold back strings of obscenities trying to escape my mouth.

After every loss I am convinced they are the worst team ever.  Overrated.  Self-destructing.  Season ending.  Hate them forever.  Why am I cursed with such an awful team?

Obviously, most sports fans feel this way about their teams.  Why do people get so invested in such things?

I sometimes (always) wonder if I’ll ever get to see them play in a Superbowl.  They certainly haven’t while I’ve been alive and I wonder if they will before I die.  I want them to win for fans like my dad who has followed them over their entire existence.

My worst fear is that they will move away and become a new team without ever winning a Superbowl.  With their shaky lease contract and no stadium deal in sight, I worry they will just move away and fade out of existence.  I’d be left with an empty hole.  I would never get to experience MY team winning a Superbowl.  No fair, I say, no fair!

But then again, this is all because they just lost a game to the Panthers.   The Panthers!  Ugh.  Now instead of vying for the first seed they are going to be fighting to maintain the second seed.  Why does this always happen?

I mean, I have already wrote an article for PsychoNoble called, “Vikings: Destroyers of Hope,” after last season (or was it the season before?).  I’ll be ready to repost it there as soon as this season is done collapsing.

Why my opinion of them sways so violently week to week is beyond me.  I hate caring about them so much!  Why couldn’t I be stuck with a football team that actually wins Superbowls from time to time.  Or once.  Once is all I ask.

Goooo Vikings goooo!